December 5, 2018

I promised to stay with you, for better or for worse.  Yes, I promised.

I remained loyal, despite the fact that it kept getting worse.

For years I grappled with what was going on.  This was not what marriage was supposed to be.

Trying to survive, day by day.

Pretending tha...

November 29, 2018

Unlike the cat, I escaped.  I am a free woman now, free to do as I please, without fear.  But this was not always so.  Following is an excerpt from my journal, many years ago:

And now it's morning, time to continue exploring the ache, to go back in time, to re...

November 28, 2018

It began soon after we met.  And it began with his shame.  I had a bright yellow dress with a low neckline.  One day, during a fit of rage, he grabbed the front of my dress and tore it right down the middle.  

That night, in bed, he broke down and cr...

November 26, 2018

One of the questions I'm often asked is "Why didn't you tell anyone?" 

Even now, years later, I'm wary, careful about what I reveal.  

He made sure I didn't tell anyone.  He made sure I understood the consequences of telling.   

So whenever he went into a r...

November 11, 2016

Did you ever have the feeling that you are bursting inside with something that just has to be expressed?  Something you can no longer contain, that wants to be

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