What is a Now Page?

So what am I doing now?

A Now page tells you what I'm focused on at this point in my life. 

The idea originated with Derek Sivers.  I heard an interview with him on the

Tim Ferriss Show Podcast and was inspired to create this page. 

You can see more examples of Now pages at https://nownownow.com/.

Integrating dance and collage

In Galit Liss's Gila dance workshop I'm working on a combination of dance and collage called "Torn: Integration via collage".  


Photo by Mila Rotschild

New article in MakeEat Magazine

Makeeatmagazine.com just published my interview with Yasser Mohammed Suleiman Gadir.


Sea Debris

I'm working on (actually playing with) a series of collages called Sea Debris.  My son and his family moved to a house by the sea.  Every time I visit them I collect debris from the beach, take it home, and create a collage.  Pieces of rope and bits of worn plastic still carry the motion of the waves.


Solo Exhibition

I recently had the opportunity to exhibit collages from my book, Severe Silence, at an evening sponsored by Na'amat in Karmiel, Israel.  The theme of the evening was the prevention of violence against women.


Collage Workshop

I'm leading a series of ten workshops, together with a social worker, for the parents and siblings of people with mental illness.  

Dealing with mental illness is not easy and takes its toll on everyone in the family. Together we expressed our pain, our feelings of helplessness, and our hopes for the future.


Torn Envelopes

I'm working on another series of collages I call "Torn Envelopes".  Each collage has in it a torn envelope or bag. 

When we tear open an envelope there is anticipation, perhaps expectation.  What will we find inside?  But alas, 

we rarely get actual letters any more.