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Ava (with A as in awe or awful) Carmel was born in Toronto, Canada. In the Sixties she was a singer songwriter, performing in the clubs of Yorkville Village. She then moved to Israel and settled in a little Galilean village with a Mediterranean view.

For many years Ava worked as a freelance journalist, writing about the positive aspects of life in Galilee — mainly coexistence, tourism, and archaeology. She then became a technical writer and still works part time in high tech.

In addition she writes, translates, and edits.

About 20 years ago Ava spontaneously began creating collages, when trying to deal with a trauma from adolescence.  She tore some pictures out of a magazine, pasted them on a blank page and realized that she had found her medium.

After several years of mute collages, she discovered that words from newspaper headlines added a new dimension.  

Severe Silence, her first book, is a collection of collages, poems, and journal entries documenting her journey from a silent wife to an outspoken, independent woman.



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