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Divining via Newspaper Headlines

In the same way people consult Tarot Cards or the I Ching, I consult newspaper headlines.

How? I cut words out of headlines and keep them in a box. Then, when something is eating away at me, I take a handful of words and spread them out on the table. The first words I notice are those that relate to my fears. Death, accident, difficulties. Then I start noticing phrases, many relating to the current circumstances of my life. I keep moving words around, waiting for unusual combinations to pop out at me. When this happens, my gut feeling is Bingo!

Then I create a collage using those words and ponder it for the next few days, trying to decipher what it’s trying to tell me. For example this collage, “Where age comes to life” can be understood in several ways. As I approach a significant birthday, I’ve been thinking a lot about aging. So the collage can be understood in this light. But I also see it as a message to stop complaining about getting old and stop concentrating on my aches and pains; rather to come to life, savor, dance, and enjoy life to the fullest.

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